HOMECA offers a turn-key approach to all of your demolition projects.  As a full service demolition and recycling company, we do the best to fulfill our customers’ needs in the commercial, residential, and industrial fields in both private and public sectors. Our dedicated staff has the expertise and the resources to accommodate any type of demolition project including but not limited to full structure demolitions, selective demolitions, interior gut-outs, refineries, and the most exciting method of implosion demolition.

Our firm has an impressive track record of successful demolition and dismantling projects completed throughout the island, using safety-conscious and cost-effective methods associated with demolition and total dismantlement services.  HOMECA prides itself in offering a rapid response to any customer situation. Our highly qualified team is able to deal with all problems quickly and effective.  Our belief in a customized approach to our customer’s needs allows us to develop and maintain a loyal client base over the years.

Concrete Recycling

The Concrete Recycling activities run concurrently with the Demolition. We have a portable press to compact steel rod and other metals exposed during demolition. As a result we keep the area free of debris. Fugitive dust emissions are minimized and controlled by strategically placed sprinklers. We also have a type of sprinkler that adapts to the demolition machines to minimize the processed material emissions almost completely.